12 DEC 2021 - 12 DEC 2026

The second Google Streetview exhibition

I am a developer, artist and photographer (Google level 5) with more than 600.000 views on Google. NEO OSLO is my first online exhibition on Google Streetview (December 2020 - November 2021).
Because of all the positive feedback I decided to make the second online exhibition, titled NEO MUNCH.  I will produce three 360° artworks inspired by the paintings of Edvard Munch. I will publish these on Google Streetview December 12th 2021. The exhibition will be online for 5 years.

Huibert de Jong
AR/VR/360° developer, artist and photographer.

The selected paintings from Edvard Munch
I will select three of his paintings which will be the basic for the online 360° exhibition NEO MUNCH.

Which paintings of Edvard Munch do you want to see in 360 degrees?
Choose 3 paintings
  • 211 Votes
  • 101 Votes
    Train smoke
  • 32 Votes
  • 478 Votes
    The Scream
  • 90 Votes
    The Storm
  • 102 Votes
    Evening Talk
  • 213 Votes
    Sunset at Paseo
  • 89 Votes
  • 277 Votes
  • 189 Votes
    The Sun
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Total 1782 Votes

Breaking the boundaries

3D modelling

First render

The project NEO MUNCH explores the expressive and communicative possibilities of new technologies across the contexts of art, design and media. The ability to translate all media into a digital realm breaks the boundaries that previously separated various disciplines. NEO MUNCH is the reproduction of three paintings of Edvard Munch in 360° and will be published on Google maps and several websites December 12th 2021.

Streetview exhibition

The 360° artworks will be published at the online location of the new Munch museum at Bjørvika Oslo.
December 12th 2021 - December 12th 2026

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