By TREAT (Huibert de Jong - Norway)

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HERMES May/June 2022

ESCAMP Tromsø June/July 2022

CRYPTON Tromsø April 2022

PALEDIUM_1 Tromsø March 2022

PALEDIUM_2 Tromsø March 2022

TRAPAZOR Tromsø Feb 2022

ALLOR2 Tromsø Jan 2022

SIERWORK Streetview Aug 2022

SIERWORK is a collection of fractal geometric artworks inspired by the mathematical work of Wacław Franciszek Sierpinski (14 March 1882 – 21 October 1969). The artworks, made by the dutch/norwegian multimedia developer and artist Huibert de Jong, will be published in August 2022 on Google streetview, world's most accessible public space. He already reached more than 10 million views on Google.


NEO OSLO is an online geometric industrial art exhibition inspired by the architecture of the Barcode Project including 36 360° images which can be viewed on Google maps and streetview (search for Kunsthall Oslo). The Barcode Project is a section of the Bjørvika portion of the Fjord City redevelopment on former dock and industrial land in central Oslo.

December 2020 - November 2023

Click here below to visit the online exhibition or go to Google Streetview and search for "Kunsthall Oslo".

BARCODE Oslo June 2020

DEAL20 Oslo April 2020

STRUCTION Oslo November 2020

GEN6 Oslo June 2020

LINDODUNE Oslo November 2019

BLOCKCHAIN Oslo April 2019

Oslo Science Park

"This location was for me an important source of inspiration.

Four of my projects: Dwars (April 2019), Blockchain (December 2018), Darflex (November 2018) and Founda 12 (March 2019) are based on my impressions gained here."
Huibert de Jong (AR-T) Oslo May 31th 2019

CITARY Tromsø March 2019 / May 2022

RESOLUME Tromsø May 2022

A project of Arctic Movement     

Arctic Movement explores the expressive and communicative possibilities of new technologies in the area of (interactive) media across the contexts of art, film, music, science and theater.

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